This is the software section. Here you will find many different programs made from companies/programmers. Please feel free to download as many as you wish. Thank you, Team Protocol.

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Name - i2 mmer by Hiwind
Description - nice and fast...damn hiwind can prog
Download -

Name - scream warez server beta 5 by
Description - the fastest server by far, and it doesn't freeze either
Download -

Name - violate server by gQ
Description - this is the best damn sever i've ever processes mail like .00004 seconds after its requested
Download -

Name - nin server
Description - pretty old but still works ok, its a big file though
Download -

Name - pup tool by pen
Description - get lists and everything you need from a server
Download -



Name - autø reset¹ by kokaine
Description - never used it before
Download -

Name - demise² nt by xe
Description - i hear good things, it has a tight iface but ive never actually killed anyone with it
Download -

Name - argon termer by haLe
Description - pretty good, i've had the best success with this, pw = 85203
Download -

Name - annihliation toser by ren
Description - nice toser that comes with nasty little porn pics for terming...only for aol 2.5 though
Download -

Name - advisøry tøs³ by: gizmø
Description - good toser with lots of methods
Download -

Name - suicide solution termer
Description - never used, heard its pretty good though, long intro
Download -

Name - disco nt by stomp
Description - pretty nice, has good net tos methods
Download -

Name - winsock reset by cre
Description - i heard this is nice, you dont even have to have aol to use it, but i dont have runtime dll's :[
Download -

Name - tos checker by citric
Description - easy way to load a bunch of sn's and tos check em
Download -

Name - reset checker by view
Description - simple tool that checks to see if a sn you tosed is reset yet
Download - toscheck.exe



Name - filesafe professional 98 by stealth
Description - this is the aesoute best file scanner for aol pws, deltree, and windows viruses, many options
Download -



Name - tetraenteti se by diver
Description - very new, more features than utilities, i reccomend it
Download -

Name - utilities²·¹ by nemur
Description - fairly old but still good
Download -

Name - i² toolbox by hiwind
Description - nice basic features
Download -

Name - outlaw's aim pw extractor
Description - forgot what your password is in AIM and its saved as ***? decode it with this nice utility
Download -

Name - few's idle by few
Description - keeps you online on ANY version of aol, best it!
Download - fewsidle.exe

Name - system toolz by fluid/sick
Description - i end up using this A LOT ecause of its character map and many more essential features
Download - systoolz.exe

Name - Free User Monitor
Description - very simple, watches your free user, free gdi, etc.
Download - monitor.exe

Name - Devo Draw 3.1 by Devo
Description - a good macro shop with tons of pre-made macros
Download - ddraw.exe

Name - leel9 macro shop by i88i
Description - also has tons and tons of premade macros
Download -

Name - looney scroll by qtip and cereal
Description - nice little oh scroller...i like to use it the best
Download -

Name - overhead tools by ?
Description - has a scroller, gagger, and oswer...nice and simple but powerful >;]
Download -

Name - baitshop by ELite and leet0
Description - i left 7 baits on here and a german phrase, oh well feel privelaged..the best baiter this!
Download -

Name - solution baiter³ by çránk
Description - not as good as baitshop but it'll do
Download -





Name - aoview final by snort
Description - tons of features, far outweighs c chat
Download -

Name - c chat [me²] by mode
Description - nice, but old
Download -

Name - aoedit by spiral
Description - this has got to have the MOST commands ever of a chat commands prog...a must have
Download -

Name - hacker³ by stomp
Description - only used it once, but supposedly ranked in the top 3
Download -

Name - ichat¹·¹ by view
Description - i like a lot of view's stuff but this doesnt have many options
Download -

Name - fob chat¹ · by shyone
Description - pretty nice, he's got the original .pimp command which is very sweet ;]
Download - fobchat.exe

Name - aocommands by gizmo
Description - not the best but gets the job done
Download - comands.exe

Name - aowizard by nemo
Description - i dont know why i even put this up here, nemo's a nice guy but this sucks :p
Download - aowizard.exe

Name - snoopy scroll by seen
Description - i know those re-enter scrollers are pretty gay but someone requested one so here it is..
Download -

Name - stfú²·¹ by exit
Description - not bad, but could use a better iface
Download - stfu.exe

Name - chat ignoreª by def
Description - this is used to ignore anyone you want in the chatroom using many trigger phrases
Download - ignore.exe

Name - icase chat by forge
Description - very useful for PEOPLE WHO TALK LIKE THIS and identifying names like llllllllll
Download -

Name - chat logger by snow
Description - awesome for logging long cat conversations for later use, it also has a log ims feature
Download -

Name - restrict by ej -n- sk8
Description - busts you in pr's like warez and hacker
Download -

Name - rofl¹ by face
Description - an ELiTe talker thats pretty pointless, but oh well
Download - rofl.exe



Name - huc's phish utilities² by huc
Description - great phish utilities program/manager
Download -

Name - Phish Management Utilities (PMS) by deft
Description - awesome <>< manager...another one from deft ;]
Download -

Name - Deflated Old Lady Tits (DOLT) by hobbes
Description - very nice phish manager...nice and simple, its what i use
Download - - tabbed.vbx

Name - sushi¹·² phish manager by vex
Description - one, i heard lost of people thought this was good but its better than good!
Download -

Name - outlaw's phish tank²
Descripton - really nice phish tank and simple too, also has gag options
Download -

Name - crack utilities by deft
Description - as lots of tools for your cracks...a must have
Download -

Name - easy cert by fury and skin
Description - a nice canadian cert phisher.. very nice but doesnt get many results
Download -

Name - check dat cert¹ by sk8 n' face
Description - good for checking your canadian certs for icases
Download -

Name - aofree by sk8 n' engine
Description - the best for making icases now that Syze's doesnt work on unlimited certs
Download -

Name - outlaw and tonic's im spammer
Description - good for spamming any webpage to lots of people, also has a punter
Download -



Name - account hacker¹·¹ by sk8
Description - a lot of people like this, it errors me...get i2 ;]
Download -

Name - i² [fusion] by Hiwind
Description - hard to get used to but the best cracker out there by far. What i use.
Download -

Name - ritz pw cracker¹ by rj2
Description - never used it, but i've heard its pretty good. by the maker of firetoolz
Download -

Name - deadbolt pwc by uta
Description - its still in beta stages...but has a good fone collector and emp utilities. i cant wait for the winsock version.
Download -

Name - Buddah 3 [final] by krypt
Description - one of the best for cracking normal accounts and profile cracking
Download -

Name - sabotage³·³ by BoT
Description - pretty old school, but it steals to neuter it
Download - -

Name - tetro winsock pwc by trinok
Description - if you think it steals, dont download just posting it...i like the idea send me more winsock pwc's d;]
Download -

Name - winsock unlimited³ by ced
Description - scans for an open port but i left this thing scanning ant it chose from 10 ports which were always full
Download -

Name - aol password cracker² by outlaw aka lil capone
Description - outlaw tells me this works with new aol login errors so try it out, aol 2.5 and 3.0
Download -



Name - iparty by intel
Description - talk in a chat room and by mic, no service needed
Download -
iparty.exe - scroll.exe

Name - aol instant messenger (aim) by aol
Description - very nice, and dont have to use dumbass aol
Download - aim95.exe

Name - my reet lil address book by sabu
Description - nice address book to keep track of all your aol friends site's and sn's...autosaves, this owns download it
Download -

Name - mIRC
Description - this is only for those 3r33t0 h4xoi2's out there that know what theyre doing
Download - mirc541t.exe

Name - snooped by gizmo
Description - good ip snooper, great for getting ip's...if you know what to do with em
Download -

Name - Quick SN by Hiwind
Description - nice utility that lets you load a large list of sn's and check to see if theyre taken
Download -

Name - Buddy List Tools by Hex
Description - this a nice program that transfers your buddylist quickly for all the lazy people out there
Download -

Name - digital sn reset by few
Description - nice utility to change a name to New User or to another name...has temporary and permenant options
Download -

Name - tetrinet
Description - play other people in tetris over the internet. pretty neat.
Download -

Name - altima pic viewer
Description - load any format of pictures and save them again in any format...very useful
Download -

Name - BO Eradicator
Description - get rid of Back Oriface on your comp.
Download -

Name - cgi star professional
Description - helps you create your own web forms, pretty complicated though
Download - csp32.exe

Name - quick install maker
Description - makes .exe install's very quickly and easily in a compact download
Download -

Name - stay off my port by darkknight
Description - this is really good for anyone with BO on their comp, it boots users off whn they try to log on your ip
Download -

Name - back orifice by the cult of the dead cow (cDc)
Description - i wouldnt download this unless you know what youre doing, but you can snoop in other peoples comp.
Download -

Name - visual basic 3.0 by microsoft
Description - this is a long download but its well worth it...make progs with this so check it out
Download -

Name - adobe photoshop 5
Description - makes nice art, but adobe 4 is smaller, either one is good; Serial:pww400r7106337-339
Download -


web design

Name - frontpage express by microsoft
Description - shorter version of frontpage, good editor but you dont have to do very much of the work
Download -

Name - angi fader by angil
Description - fades real nice like ;]
Download -

Name - sk8's html fader
Description - even better than angil with a nice iface
Download -

Name - quick ftp³ by Hiwind
Description - easy way to upload your files to your ftp
Download -

Name - Cute FTP by Global Scape Inc.
Description - used to upload or download from a ftp...a little harder than quick ftp though.
Download -

Name - dt simple.editor 2.2.5 *new* by fluid/sick
Description - very useful utility to use as an html editor. another great prog from my boy sick ;]
Download - isedit.exe

Name - link generator by forge
Description - enter your info and it makes a link... has mousemove option on it
Download -


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